Western Electric 202 & Subset

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Metal Subset: Plastic Subset:

Before the modern telephone was an all in one device, there were two separate pieces to the phone. The "Desk Stand" and the "Subset". The desk stand, as the name implies, sits on the desk and contains all the interactive parts, dial, handset, hang up switch. The subset contained all the rest of the innards of the phone including the ringer. The two are tethered to each other by a cord that is approximately 72" long.
The 202's I'm selling are all professionally refinished with either Polyurethane paint or powder coating and look like new. The Bakelite E1 handsets are polished to a high shine. The dials are all cleaned and lubricated #5 dials. The base of the desk set has been recovered with new leather. All cords are exact reproductions of the original cloth cords. The phone is working perfectly and  ready to plug in and use.
I'm offering these with two choices of subsets. They both serve the same function, just that one is the older original metal cover type and the other is a newer plastic cover model.

Western Electric 202 With Subset
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