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I've been a phone collector since 1990. Around 1995 I got my first Ericofon (a Red Telia). I started asking around to see how many colors they were available in. It seemed none of the collectors I knew could tell me.
That's when I began my quest to get all the colors possible for the Ericofon. After a decade of buying and displaying phones I was in need of a challenge to reinvigorate my collecting interest. Little did I know at the time I was taking a tiger by the tail. Not being one to give up, I've now come to have, at this typing, 100+ original Ericofons in my collection.
I felt the information I was finding would be of interest to others, so I developed this web site on my home computer. Before long I was getting inquiries as to whether I sold Ericofons or not. I started looking around and coming up with phones. I've refurbished 3000+ Ericofons since. I also expanded into other phones since it was phones in general that I liked to work on.
The primary function of this web site is to educate and I always enjoy getting e-mails from people telling me their story of how they had an old Ericofon for years, and with the information on this site were able to get it up and running by them self.

So now that you know this site is really a "hobby run amuck" you're asking yourself "what does he do in real life?". In real life, I'm a florist. I'm part of a family owned full service florist and garden center. The name of the business is Rose Floral (with the last name of Rose, what else could we call it?). So, besides answering your phone questions, you can also ask me your lawn and garden questions too. But just remember, lawn and garden is very regional. I live in a cold climate, don't ask me about landscaping with cactus.
You can visit our web site at www.rosefloral.com. Be sure to click on the "visit our store" link at the bottom of the page to see more about our business.


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