Paint Information and Pricing - Metal Phones

Most of what I have on the painting information page applies to metal phones. This page is mostly to provide pricing and a few tips.

1. Early cradle phones - In most cases, leave the cradle attached to the base. Either remove switch springs or wrap them in tape, a lot of paint finds it's way into the base. Mask off the stems of plungers.

2. Candlestick phones - Leave the shaft attached to the base. If you want them painted separately, mask off the threads on the shaft. Remove or mask off the transmitter. It's best to remove.

3. Subsets- If you don't want the inside of a subset painted because of wiring diagrams, be sure to let me know or they will be blasted out and painted.

4. If the base cover of your candlestick or desk stand is rusty, send it in and I can blast it clean but not paint it for you.


PLEASE NOTE: There is a minimum charge of $10. If you only send one part or a couple of small items that don't add up to $10 on the chart, then your cost to paint will be $10 plus return shipping.

  • If you don't see your phone listed below, just pick whatever most closely resembles your phone by surface area.

  • If you don't see anything similar to your phone, or are not sure, ask for a quote.

  • All pricing assumes I do not have to do ANY disassembly work. I do not offer any services other than blasting and painting at this time.

Model Blast and paint Paint only
302 - Includes grip cover $22 $12
A1, B1, & D1 - Includes plunger $24 $14
Subset - Includes base, cover, bells $35 $15
Compact Wall phone (subset + transmitter + hook switch) $45 $25
Candlestick (Base, stem, transmitter & cup, hook switch) $45 $25
Finger Wheels $6 $3
Number card rings $3 $2

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