Installing your Western Electric Noteworthy Wall Phone

  1. Mount the metal frame to the wall so that it surrounds your wall jack. Be sure the word “top” is at the top.
  2. Plug the cord into the jack and into the bottom of the phone where it says “line cord”.
  3. Hang the phone on the four hooks of the metal frame.
  4. Install at least one tab over the hooks to lock the phone in place.

Changing the front between cork and chalk board

  1. Remove any locking tabs from the inside edge of the phone. These will be on the back side of the front of the main body, behind the frame for the front. There will be one or two. Stick a screwdriver tip in the slot and pry them out.
  2. Lift the frame up and off the main body of the phone.
  3. On the back of the frame you will see clips securing the board/cork in place. Loosen the screws to get the parts out, make the changes necessary, then carefully align them in the frame and reinstall the clips.
  4. Re-install the frame being sure the word “top” is at the top.
  5. Re-install the locking tab(s).

Changing the handset between left and right

  1. Follow the instructions for removing the front frame above.
  2. Remove the main body of the phone from the wall using the instructions below.
  3. Rotate the phone so the handset is on the side you like and re hang the phone.

Removing a phone from the wall

If you have a phone on the wall and can’t figure out how to remove it, there are two methods used in mounting this phone to the wall.
The easiest to deal with is the locking tabs. These are found near the edge of the main body on the inside. They are oval shaped and have a slot in the center. Pry these out with a screw driver and lift the phone up and off the metal frame.
The other way of mounting can be very difficult to deal with. There will be a mounting catch at the top center of the main body, close to the wall. You need to stick a narrow screw driver down into the slot to disengage the locking mechanism. It takes a lot of trial and error to get it, don’t give up in frustration!