Telephone Repair

A lot of visitors find my web site using search engines. One of the reasons they are using that search engine is because they have a phone the is no longer working. I do offer repair, but as a believer in the spirit of DYI, I like to offer my visitors help in fixing their own phones. 

Email help:
If you would like more information on troubleshooting and fixing your phone, you can send me an email with as detailed a description as possible of the problem. I would also like any make and model information and if you can find information printed on the back or bottom of the phone, send that as well. Nearly all problems can be dealt with via email and the only tool you will need in almost all cases is a screw driver. Parts are typically just a few dollars.

Repair Service:
If you would rather not attempt the repair yourself, or you have attempted and are stuck, you can box up the phone (and all related pieces if you've taken it apart) and send it in. Click on the "Repair Service" icon below for a form to fill out and send in with the phone. If you live outside of the USA, please contact me first about return shipping costs.

Typical Repair Costs:

Wall phones and desk phones (Prices include parts and labor)
Overhaul - $20 1 Install polarity guard - $10
Replace broken jacks - $10 each ($15 for two) Add an internal digital converter - $60 4
Replace handset cord - $10 Replace ringer - $10 labor plus part (varies)

Overhaul - $20 1 Add NOS cord and plug - $20
Color Restoration - $20 2 Add Reproduction cord - $15
Add Ringer - $20 Replace Receiver - $20 3

1. Overhaul includes take the phone apart, buffing plastics (no repairs), clean TouchTone key pad contacts or clean and lubricate rotary dial. Check integrity of components, wiring issues, full testing and adjusting.

2. Not always 100%, I will do my best to make it look as close to new as possible.

3. Not always successful. Since these were not meant to be replaced, they are difficult to remove without damaging the phone.

4. Rotary phones only, not available for all phones. Inquire first.