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Ericofon Memorabilia

For a picture of the original 18 colors together, CLICK HERE
For a picture of all 5 Model 700's together, CLICK HERE

collect8.jpg (28480 bytes) Never Used, still in the box, early "old case" Mandarin Red Ericofon

This phone was actually once owned by Jerry Lewis (the comedian). I got it from the son of a friend of Mr. Lewis. When Mr. Lewis was in California he would make it a point to drop in to see his friends. At Christmas time, he brought this phone as a gift. The people he gave it to stuck it in a closet and it sat there ever since.

Gold plated Model 700 in presentation box

This is the special Centenary edition of the Model 700. Only about 325 were made and given away to dignitaries and company officials during the centennial celebration. Even Olof Palme got one.

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fire.jpg (16566 bytes) Fire Phone

This is what an Ericofon will look like after a house fire. I found it in a box of Ericofon parts. Why it was saved in the first place is beyond me. And it's further beyond my wife why I would want it.

PTT Training Ericofon

I can't find the manual right now to go in the picture with this. Because this one was obviously hand built, at first I thought maybe I had a prototype mock up. But, a translation of the book that came with it revealed it to be a trainer for technicians. The technician had to build the phone from the ground up, including making PC boards from the negatives you can see in the picture.

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collect9.jpg (23238 bytes) Brio Toy Ericofon (left)

This is a 2/3 scale toy Ericofon made in Sweden.


Danish Commemorative Plate (right)

This plate is a commemorative for the Ericofon in Denmark from 1962 to 1985. It's about 8" (20cm) in diameter.

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collect3.jpg (28528 bytes) Björn Winblad Cigarette Jars

These are two commemorative cigarette jars designed by the famous artist Björn Winblad and produced by the Nymølle stoneware company in Denmark for LM Ericsson to commemorate the Ericofon. They measure about 3.5" (9 cm) tall. One is green and one is red.

Pen and Note Holder

These are pretty cool. The red phone is a note holder (or so I guess). The white phone is a pen. The pen is the top of the phone and pulls out of the base. It's about 3.5" (9 cm) tall.

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collect4.jpg (25236 bytes) A Bunch Of Nifty Stuff

On the left is a match box, phone card, a couple of key chains, a super-tiny red Ericofon with coil cord (.75" / 2cm tall). Also an Ericofon charm. Also pictured is a commemorative plate from the Netherlands commemorating the Ericsson in that country from 1920-1970. It measures 4" (10 cm) in diameter.
Pictured on the right is a disposable rain bonnet in a carry pouch advertising the Ericofon

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collect11.jpg (18664 bytes) Ericofon Bling

I couldn't resist the "mod" term for it.
On the left is an Ericofon broach, tie bar, and pair of cuff links.
They made the tie bar in several colors. Right now I have a blue one coming this way, but it's not here yet.

Bottom's Up

Here's a few Ericofon coasters. The two on the right are identical except for the language. One is in English, the other in Swedish. It says "This is the space occupied by your Ericofon".

The one on the left is a nice leather on cork and is in Dutch, dated 1978.

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collect2.jpg (47034 bytes) Crystal Ericofon

This has to be one of my favorite pieces. It's a beautifully crafted piece and is perfectly clear and highly detailed. I had to use red for the background. It disappeared against my usual white background.
It measures in at 6" (15 cm) tall.

Jacket Patch

This is an embroidered fabric patch to be sewn on the back of a jacket. It measures about 11" (28cm) across.

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colorwheel.jpg (22276 bytes) Ericofon Color Selector:

This is a set of cards that match the 8 available colors of the Ericofon. Swing out the color you like and move the top sheet over it to see what your phone will look like.

Truck Decal

This is from The Netherlands. It's a sticker that would go on the side of the phone company trucks to advertise the Ericofon. It's about 3 feet (1 meter) long. It reads "The Ericofon, The One Piece Apparatus, Call 004 for information"
Thanks to Remco Enthoven for the translation.

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