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Selling Tips

Here are some suggestions on selling an Ericofon that might help maximize your sale.
I'm not going to get into the ethics of selling a phone, that's up to the individual. What I am going to cover here are things that will help sell your phone and avoid complaints.

  • Pictures! Nothing sells better than pictures. I don't care if you are selling a round black ball, people still want to see pictures of it. Avoid pictures that take 3 minutes to download. Try to stick to 4 pictures or less, each picture no more than 60k in size. People have short attention spans, they won't stick around for slow picture downloads.

  • Make sure you describe your Ericofon Thoroughly. On the other hand, remember the short attention span thing. You need to find that fine line between "accurate description" and "God this is boring". People don't care if it was your grandpa's favorite phone, but they do want to know about the tiny crack in the corner.

  • Selling a phone untested is the equivalent of saying it doesn't work. There are instructions on this web site to help get any Ericofon up and running. It can mean a difference of $20 or more to be able to say "ready to plug in and use".

  • Open up the case and look inside and see what you have. Also see if the color on the outside is the same as the inside. Ericofons will color fade on the outside, but not on the inside.

  • Sound like you know what you are talking about. Describe the phone as "Old case" or "New case", Swedish made or American made, chassis model, ringer type, etc. Gain peoples trust that you know what you are talking about and they will be more inclined to bid on your item.

  • If your Ericofon has problems, describe them or it will come back to haunt you later, I guarantee it. On this note, offer a money back guarantee, people are far more likely to bid of they know they won't be stuck with a broken phone. If there's nothing wrong with the phone, you have nothing to worry about. If the phone is a dog, then they're going to want their money back anyhow. You might as well turn this into a powerfull selling tool.

  • Try to sneak keywords into the description that will attract people using the search engines. Grab the James Bond 007 fans by mentioning that it was used in one of the movies. Snag people looking for modernist art by mentioning that the Ericofon has won many awards in Modernism. You get the idea.

  • The Ericofon has several names worldwide. Get everybody's attention. Say in the description that it is also known as an Ericafon and Cobrafon (also Kobra phone). Mostly make sure you spell Ericofon correctly. Despite being right there on the phone, I've seen several misspellings. People searching for "Ericofon" will miss auctions for an "Ericofone" or "Ericophone". Also, list your Ericofon in the correct category:  Collectibles > Radio, Phonograph, TV, Phone > Telephones > 1970-Now (or 1940 - 1969).

  • It costs about $8.00 to ship an Ericofon in the USA (not including insurance). People pay attention to shipping charges and will be less likely to bid if you gouge on shipping charges. Even if you think the excess shipping will make up in less bidding, there's a psychology about the gouging that turns people off so they bid proportionally less leaving you with less money in the end.

  • Offer international shipping. Europeans are crazy over the Ericofon and can be your best customer. And, as of this writing, the weak American dollar makes the bidding by international bidders go even better. A rare color Ericofon can go for 2 to 4 times more money if you allow international bidding.



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