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Replacing the Transmitter Element

Replacing the Transmitter element requires the following tools: A screwdriver. Pretty tough I know, but anybody can handle this job.

There are generally two reasons for replacing the transmitter element. Most commonly, because of static noise. The other reason, much more rare, is that it is very quiet or doesn't work at all.

If you are planning on replacing the transmitter element just because it doesn't work. Verify first that it isn't just a matter of the contacts not touching correctly.

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Start by loosening (but not removing) the four screws in the dial face that hold the shell on.

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When replacing the transmitter, you don't necessarily need one from another Ericofon. As you can see, the handset at left is from a typical telephone. You can get one of these in a thrift store for just a few dollars. The transmitter element in these work just fine in the Ericofon.

In the picture, the original Ericofon element is at the left, the replacement from the handset is on the right.

transmitter3.jpg (27192 bytes) These are the contacts on the chassis that touch the transmitter element. The one on the left touches the center button, and the one on the right touches the outer area.

Since there is a bit of variation in the replacement, you might have to experiment with bending these around a bit to get them to line up correctly.

If replacing the element with an original Ericofon element, you might want to bend out on these just a hair anyhow to make tighter contact.

It would be a good idea to clean these contacts (and the contact area on the back of the element) at this time.

transmitter4.jpg (16133 bytes) To put the chassis back into the shell, turn it upside down and lower the chassis into the shell watching to be sure the screws line up where they should be and the line cord stress relief (metal tab) is held in place on the chassis.

If you took the screws out completely at the beginning, make sure you put the long ones in front (near the transmitter) and the short ones in back (near the line cord).

crack.jpg (21256 bytes) Important....

The cracks you see in the faceplates of Ericofons are the result of over tightening the four mounting screws. When you put the chassis of your phone back into the case, only snug the screws enough to hold it in place. Use very little pressure when doing this or you will crack your faceplate.


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