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The Model 700 "Centenary" Ericofon

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The Model 700 "Centenary Ericofon" is the world's first solid-state one-piece telephone. Also, and perhaps more important for the subscriber, Centenary Ericofon is an introduction to HIGH FIDELITY tele-communications.

An electret microphone so sensitive that you need not raise your voice. So free from distortion that you will be easily recognized. The "telephone voice" is gone forever. So free from noise that your message will always be crystal clear. Sound quality so excellent that it is a pleasure to listen.

Centenary Ericofon brings you "touch" dialing on any telephone exchange. Fast, Reliable keying even with the longest inter-continental telephone numbers. You key the number quickly and then forget it. The electronic keysender looks after the rest.

Centenary Ericofon calls your attention with an electronic tone ringer. Pleasant to hear, when close, but penetrating even through thick dividing walls when at a distance.

Centenary Ericofon is a new streamlined design. Looks as made for the future. And it is. Specially designed by experts on advanced electronic circuits and components. Unique fresh lines and contours enhanced by modern exciting colors selected by leading designers to match your home and office.

Your Centenary Ericofon is another Ericsson "first". The first telephone designed exclusively for electronic circuits. You can see and feel the difference and your telephone party will hear it. An electronic phone for the age of electronics.

m700face.jpg (9007 bytes) To remove the chassis from the phone, lift up on the rubber gasket at the three points I have circled. You will find small screws holding the chassis to the shell.

Once the screws are loose, the chassis is a bugger to get in and out, it's a very tight fit.

Look in the section on wiring for information on wiring the Model 700

To remove the earpiece from a model 700 Ericofon, use the edge of a knife to lift the left edge of the earpiece up enough to clear the housing. While holding this up, slide the earpiece to the left. 700rec.jpg (13632 bytes)


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