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Colors and Styles

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Ericofon Model Numbers

Rotary Ericofons:

LM Ericsson in Sweden designated all Ericofons with a model number starting with DBJ500. From here, the model number is affected by the construction of the phone, including the shell color.
Britain used the model number of 600 for the Ericofon. 
North Electric used the model number '52' to designate the rotary version of the Ericofon.

Other Names:

There are also a number of nicknames associated with the Ericofon. In Sweden (and other places), the Ericofon is known as the "Cobra Phone" (or Kobra) because of it's similarity with the snake. Another common name for the Ericofon is the "Erica Phone". Don't ask me why so many people insist on calling it an "Erica Phone", but a lot of people do.

Touch-Tone Ericofons:

All TouchTone chassis were made by LM Ericsson in Sweden. These were shipped to the USA where the shells were added. Some were made  for use in Europe and possibly Canada. I have seen very few of these, so they couldn't have had very many out there.
North Electric produced most of the TouchTones and they designated them with the model number of '60A'.

Model 700:

This model, introduced in 1976 as part of the centennial celebration of the LM Ericsson company was only made in Sweden. LM Ericsson in Sweden gave this phone the nickname "Centenary Ericofon" for this reason.

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