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ericoFUN Time
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It's Time For....

If you have anything fun to add, please submit it to me!

katerico.jpg (9953 bytes)

My daughter's rendition of an Ericofon when she was 11

bunyan.jpg (12959 bytes)
Even up here in Minnesota, Paul Bunyan likes his Ericofon.
Here's a picture of workers putting the finishing touches on Paul's special order.
(To our friends around the world, Paul Bunyan is a legend in this area. Google his name for more information.)
helper.jpg (17915 bytes)
My trusty assistant, Jasper, taking a well deserved break.
He's been working hard at warming that chair all evening.
This guy weighs in at 25 pounds!
josey2.jpg (19104 bytes)
Josey got jealous, so I have to put her picture in here too.
Eric O'fon.jpg (37250 bytes)
Say hi to Eric O'Fon
Creator unknown
santa.jpg (20558 bytes)
Thanks to Thomas Johansson in Sweden for his creativeness and talent in bringing Erico Claus to life. (and for providing this picture)
tester.jpg (27443 bytes)
An Ericofon on life support.
Actually, this is a home brew tester I developed. It's impossible to analyze an Ericofon with the shell on, so the black box mimicks the shell.


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