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The Reading Room

Reading Scans
Telefonen - en design historia Early Ericofon Advertising
A Prenatal Story Ericofon Sales Aids
The Ericofon In Australia Model 700 Scans
The Ericofon In The Netherlands 1969 Service Manual
The Ericofon in America 1956 Ericsson Review
1998 Gosta Thames Interview 1946 Prototype Patent
A historic phone from the 1950s 1947 Prototype Patent
The name is Ericofon 1958 Case Design Patent
The Cobra is back - on a stamp 1959 Ericofon design Patent
Commemorative phone not a big hit with customers 1960 Ericotone Patent
Industrial design Of The Century 1963 Buzzer Patent
The Ericotone 1971 Horseshoe Hook Switch Patent
Early Price Lists 1978 Wall Stand Patent
The Early Prototypes  


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