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Industrial Design Of The Century

From Issue #1, 1973, Ericsson Review

Ericofon - one of the best examples of insdustrial design of the century

The Ericofon - the world's first one piece telephone - has been selected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York to be represented in a collection of some 300 objects considered to be the most interesting examples of industrial design produced internationally in this century. The exhibition will fitst make a tour of Latin America and finally form a part of a collection in a new design centre in Buenos Aires.

The Ericofon, which recieved this flattering recognition, is an exclusively Swedish product and was introduced by LM Ericsson in 1956. Its advanced design has won it earlier recognition, but its addition to the Museum of Modern Art collection is the first acknowledgment of this unique telephone set as one of the foremost examples of good industrial design of this century.

Since 1956 over two million Ericofons have been manufactured.



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