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Photographs of Early Prototypes

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Clay models

These photos are of the actual prototype designs considered for the final look
I've lost the information on the identity of the photographer of these pictures.

01.jpg (20791 bytes) This is the early Siemens prototype phone that was used as a model for the Erifon (later named Ericofon).
02.jpg (17630 bytes) This one looks like a car to me.
03.jpg (19562 bytes) Not much difference from the previous picture. Too bad I don't have any pictures of the dial faces.
04.jpg (16654 bytes) Very similar to the first, but the base seems a bit different.
05.jpg (21397 bytes) This blue phone was the final prototype taken to management for approval. You can see by the paint it's been around a while.
07.jpg (13937 bytes) This is a prototype of the Model 700
08.jpg (12789 bytes) Another prototype of the Model 700. This version retained the thumb groove on the neck.

Besides the thumb groove and the position of the sound holes, this one looks a lot like the final version.



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