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Inventing the Ericotone

From an e-mail I received in 2001 when inquiring who invented the Ericotone

 I know for sure his last name was Bauman and I think his first was Ed, but I'll try to verify that.  It was one of those "accidental" inventions.  He was working in the lab and accidentally created what we all refered to as "Garbage Tones", just an array of tones that were very penetrating yet not annoying.  He demonstrated it to us in sales and we liked it, so he went about trying to figure out how to mount it inside the Ericofon.  The printed circuit board in the cavity between the earpiece and transmitter was the answer.  The lab at that time was a two story building/house on the north side of the entrance gate to the plant. I worked in the house on the corner, in the living room.  The rest is history.



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