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A historic phone from the 1950s

Written by Thord Anderssson
24 December 1998

A historic phone from the 1950s Attempts to develop a one-piece telephone were made before the Second World War - for example in Germany and the United States. Ericsson patented an upright model in 1941, invented by Hugo Blomberg and Ralph Lysell. Hans Kraepelin developed a horizontal phone - the Unifon - which was presented in 1944. The casing comprised two inverted halves which were glued together. It was patented and styled by Gösta Thames. After 1958, the casing was injection molded in one piece and acquired slightly greater curvature of the neck. By 1982, the Karlskrona plant had produced 2.5 million Ericofons. Sweden Post has undoubtedly selected a product worthy of inclusion in its series of stamps depicting Swedish inventions at the forefront of technology and design.



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