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Wiring The K4 or K14 Swedish Made Australian Chassis - With Hardwired Receiver

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This phone is a bit trickier than most. Still, you won't have to do any major work. Just moving wires around is all you do, no soldering required...just a screwdriver. This Chassis is the 10 terminal chassis used in Australia for their phone system. By moving just a few wires around, it will work fine in North America. There are two switch piles on the phone. One is for the dial, one for the switch. They look like metal tab sandwiches. You only need to know the general area a wire is coming from to determine if you have the correct wire. Sometimes also, the wire colors can vary, so make sure you look to see you have the correct wire.

1. Yellow (from buzzer) and Green wire from the line cord
2. White wire from receiver
3. Not used
4. Not used
5. Blue (from switch pile) and white wire from receiver
6. white (from dial pile) and Jumper to terminal 10
7. red (from dial pile)
8. Not used
9. Yellow (from dial pile) and Red wire from line cord
10. Jumper this to terminal 6


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