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Wiring The Model 700

The model 700 seems to have been made in several configurations. The two I am dealing with here represents the vast majority of the phones out there. I have run into others, but I have not yet taken the time to figure them out.

m700_1.jpg (51062 bytes) This version has several different cousins that look very similar. I have only figured out the wiring for this one, the most common. Others will work with this wiring, but they won't ring.

Here are two different methods, use the one that works for you.

1. L1 to terminal 1 with jumper to 2, L2 to terminal 4.

2. L1 to terminal 4 and L2 to terminal 5 with a jumper to terminal 10.

In both cases, add a .68f 250v capacitor across terminals 3 and 4 if it won't ring.

m700_2.jpg (60909 bytes) To wire this phone, you need to take out the two screws holding the top board in place. Lift the board up out of the way to gain access to the modular plug wiring. Take a look at the chart below for the modification you need to do to make this phone work.
In Britain, you will need to use the yellow and black from the plug instead of the red and white.
When working on this phone, be sure not to flex the ribbon cables too much. They tend to pull out of the circuit board if pulled on or are flexed too much.

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