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Adding A Ringer To Your Ericofon

If your Ericofon does not have a ringer in it, there's a good chance one can be added with a minimum amount of pain. There are two types of ringers to use. One is the buzzer and one is the Ericotone "tweeter". You can add a buzzer to most any Ericofon, but you can only add an Ericotone to the American Ericofons made by North Electric.

If you would rather have me do the work for you, then determine from this page (or by E-mailing me, whether your phone is capable of having a ringer installed. CLICK HERE to go to the service order form to mail in with your Ericofon. You can also order ringers from the bottom of this page.

Another thing to consider is that a large part of the time, I find that there already is a ringer in the phone, it just needs to be wired properly. The only way to determine if you have a ringer in your phone allude is to open it up. There is a page on ringers that will help you determine what to look for. If you find you do have a ringer, then use these pages for assistance in wiring.

Now to begin. The first step is to determine what kind of a chassis you have and what kind of ringer you can add. Below are the types to look for. Clicking on the one you have will lead to your instructions. There are other odd chassis numbers out there, but for the most part, they will be identical to what is shown here. Just look at yours a compare if your number is different from those shown.

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Swedish Made

The Swedish made chassis with the hard-wired receiver is a candidate for adding a buzzer ringer.

Click here for instructions

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American  K2 & K4

The American made K2 and K4 can take an Ericotone ringer. If you have one with the correct mounting bracket, you can add this by following the K7 instructions.

Otherwise, this phone will readily take a Buzzer

Click here for instructions

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American K7 & K14

The American made K7 and K14 are easy to add a ringer to as long as you know your way around with a soldering iron.

Click here for instructions


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